CifGDS as format conversion programs is compatible with basically format GDSll and DXF used from AutoCAD.
You can convert design which it works with AutoCAD into GDSll using CifGDS.
  Supports GDSII, CIF and DXF file formats
  Create default techfile automatically
  A new option Use a default techfile has been added into GDSII To MyChip, CIF To MyChip and DXF To MyChip mode. This option enables to create new technology file corresponding to the imported data, when you translate GDSII, CIF and DXF file into MyChip database.
  Layer Number Modification
  This function enable to change layer GDS numbers temporarily when you translate MyChip Pro database into GDSII file.
  Including reference libraries
  Selected Cell / Layer Extract
  Supports grid scale
  Option to control Automatic-Cutting of objects with more than 200 vertices