MyChip Station is a sophisticated physical design system, which can turn a Windows based personal computer into a powerful engineering workstation.
It integrates physical layout, verification and translation tools. Using MyChip Station, custom layout will be more accelerated with easy-to use polygon layout feature, highest accuracy verification and compatibility with other tools in a hierarchical design environment.
  LayEd : IC, MEMS, FPD Layout Editor
  MyDRC : Hierarchical Design Rule Checker
  LayNet : Hierarchical SPICE Netlist Extractor & Electrical Rule Checker (ERC)
  MyLVS  : Layout vs. Schematic Netlist Comparator
  CifGDS  : CIF / GDSII / DXF Translator

It is not only convenient of using but it also is offered at proper price for users, since it is operated on Windows O/S.

  Other products are operated on LINUX or UNIX environments and the approach is difficult and the price is high.

The way of using is simple and based on GUI so the beginner and student can learn and use easily.


Especially, adding and modifying several functions in order to edit the figure which are used in MEMS and FPD.


It can design the simple and repeatable pattern and complicated figures easily and simply by using VBS
(Visual Basic Script).


Customize writing and checking of Design Rule which user wants.

It supports the several formats (GDSll, DXF, CIF) so can be compatible with other tools.
It will be support DWG soon.
Major applicable fields
  Digital Design, Analog Design
Manufacturing various Mask