Founded in 1994, MyCAD, Inc. is a worldwide supplier of electronic design automation software. It is headquartered in Technology Leading Area, Silicon Valley and has R&D center in Seoul, Korea. We have committed ourselves to provide quality design tools on Windows 98, NT, and 2000 platforms and also just released XP. Our priority is to help design engineers to create innovative products through the most cost-effective route.
We are aware of the rapidly changing environment -- especially in the world of technology. We realize the extreme demands instilled in every design engineer to create more complex and high-quality product within a shorter period of time and a limited budget. With the increasing performance of Personal Computers being more cost-effective and performance-competitive, handling the multi-million-transistor design is now feasible and also the right choice. MyCAD, Inc. was the leading company that provides Windows solution in design automation for several years and our commitment for Windows solution is now paying off. Along with the announcement of Intel to change all their design software to PC and the trend to migrating to Network platform, MyCAD is becoming one of the fast growing and most solution providing company.
MyCAD is an entire family of EDA solutions developed, marketed and supported by MyCAD, Inc. to provide all IC designers a powerful and cost effective assistant. We strongly encourage everyone to download our software for an evaluation for free. For further information and/or comments, you may contact us at Sales & Marketing Department.
MyCAD provides complete solutions for IC/System Design on Windows Platforms: IC Layout/Verification, VHDL Simulation, Logic Design, FPGA Protortype.
Useful EDA Tool based on Windows O/S
MyCAD provide lower cost than other EDA products.
Package program with various EDA solution
Support various figures and repeated pattern by VBS(Visual Basic Script) function.
MyChip Station Pro
Full Custom IC, MEMS, FPD Layout Design & Verification Tool
MyAnalog Station
Analog Circuit Design & Simulation Tool
MyVHDL Station
VHDL modeling & Simulation Tool
MyLogic Station
Digital Circuit Design & Simulation Tool
FPGA Training Kit
Semiconductor – Analog/Mixed IC, memory & ASIC Design
MEMS – sensor, Fiber divice, Optical divice
FPD - LCD, TFT-LCD, LED, OLED, Back light Unit
Other – nano, photomask
electricity, electron, computing, mechanism, embedded, nano
NXP, Canon, Kodenshi, Sanyo Epson, Seiko Epson Toshiba, Matsushita, 3M, British Aerospace, Citizen Watch
Samsung, LG, Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institue
University of Seoul, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
Northeastern University, US Berkeley University, Birmingham University, The University of Sheffield